AMS Hackers is a group of people in Amsterdam who gather together to appease our curiosity, learn and have fun by engaging in challenging and interesting projects.

The best way to characterize ams-hackers is probably to talk about the projects we work on. We usually work together in projects for a duration of a few months. The development sometimes continues but outside of the ams-hacker discussions.

So, what are the kind of projects we have done so far? We have two successful projects.

  • gbforth. The first project, the one that gave birth to ams-hackers. It is a Game Boy development kit in Forth.

  • delisp. A strongly-typed Lisp compiling to Javascript.

We will write soon about those projects in detail!

But this blog is about the future. We have a growing backlog of great ideas, and we would love to tell you the story about how these projects are built, week by week, after each session.

That is what this blog will be about!